Coronavirus marks the start of a ‘new future’

By WeFund Capital April 2020

While the coronavirus outbreak is devastating, it may also be a turning point in history — one that could pave the way for greater societal progress.

The virus has infected more than 2.5mil globally with wide-reaching economic repercussions. 

Comparing the pandemic with other periods of economic hardship, such as the Great Depression, the current downturn — painful as it is — would be relatively brief and would allow for a wider global restructuring. The restructuring could last three to five years according to Experts.

WeFund Capital Impact investments are targeting exactly on this New world Order and opportunities

The Future is exciting only if you are part of it.

We are now in a revolution in terms of the capacity to think and act on this new way of thinking.  To thrive in that new environment, we must focus on understanding and enhancing our logical and creative thinking abilities while acting on them.


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