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“Never let a good crisis go to waste “

As you are reading this paragraph we are experiencing one of the greatest world financial crisis . A crisis of probably a short duration with a sharp painful decline that will cause a lot of substantial problems before the economies will have the opportunity to rebound back stronger and improved.

Ray Dalio , the Co-Chief Investment Officer & Co Chairman of Bridgewater Associates on March 2020  quoted “…the crisis will cause a big short term economic decline , followed by a strong rebound which will not leave a sustained economic impact”

During this short and painful decline, the opportunities that will arise , will need injection of cash flow. Many companies or assets will not make it, and will be disposed substantially below market values.  Thus the timing of being ready to act in industries that matter is now.

New circumstances always require new skills, innovative solutions, and superior team members. Trying to rely to past experience could be a prescription for suffering and failure to survive.

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