WeFund Capital

WeFund Capital PLC  was established in February 2020 in the midst of the Covid19 Global Pandemic Crisis and has already being positioned as a leading impact private equity Fund that is offering investors the ability to co-invest in investments that matter. 

We seek to capitalize on real estate investment opportunities that involve specific investment themes and geographies where WeFund Capital has a competitive advantage.

WeFund Capital is one of the most professionally operating Funds. It is set up as RAIF (Regulated Alternative Investment Fund) and is administrated by AlterDomus probably one of the most dominant global firms in the Fund Industry. It is Externally Professionally managed by Fortified Capital. The Set-Up and Audit has been undertaken by KPMG for full transparency .The Depository of the Fund is Eurobank

We are highly regulated by CySec (The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission which is the independent public supervisory Authority responsible for the supervision of the investment services market, in the Republic of Cyprus.


The RICS (Royal institution chartered Surveyors) with its disciplinary code and strict  code of ethics is the fabric that holds together the way we do business and operations of the Fund. 


Our team of consultants collectively have several decades of Extensive experience is focused in the areas of the Real Estate Sector, development, Investments property management, architecture, valuation, and construction.

WeFund Capital is headquartered in Cyprus, Europe and through its networks has an abundance of local presence and knowledge and in-depth experience in selected European markets thus allows it to identify and efficiently execute a broad range of real estate investment opportunities. 

“WeFund Capital Real Estate Sub-Fund”

WeFund Capital has launched a specific Sub Fund called the “WeFund Capital Real Estate Sub-Fund in order to strategically take advantage of opportunities that arise in the midst of the crisis in the European real estate markets. The Sub-Fund focuses geographically in the Republic Of Cyprus where has a competitive advantage in Local Experience and market insights.

Why Now

The time is now. Despite that Governments around the globe have lunched in many cases the COVID-19 emergency funds in an effort to relive citizens and businesses from the shock of the Pandemic, these funds are not enough for many businesses or companies. Many companies and Real estate find themselves short of cash, and already are seeking Equity Partners in order to remain existence or selling real estate at large discounts.

Investment Strategy

Our strategy is to evaluate time efficiently and methodically, and identify specific  Real estate investments where we have a unique competitive advantage. As such, we focus on transactions where we can establish a unique insight due to our extensive experience of specific investment themes combined with in-depth local market knowledge and relationships.

We evaluate a large number of Real estate opportunities and we discard over 90% of these opportunities, and only focus on the ones that meet the right criteria of liquidity, rental yields, unlocked value, capital appreciation  

WeFund Capital RAIF V.C.I.C. Plc
CySEC Registration Number: RAIF48 (Reg. Date: 05/10/2020)
Company Registration Number: 411498
Manager: Fortified Capital Ltd
Telephone: 22 367 610Fax: 22 027 200
The investment objective of the Investment Compartment WeFund Capital Real Estate Sub-Fund (05/10/2020) with license number RAIF48_1, satisfies the criteria of the scheme for naturalization of non – Cypriot investors

What we do in WeFund Capital ?

1. We Search 2. We Focus 3. We Identify  4. We Reject  5. We Reject more 6. We Analyse 7. We Reject even more 8. We Stress test  9. We Engage 10. We Fund 11. We Add Value 12. We Unlock Value 13. We Turn around 14. We Operate efficiently 15. We Generate income  16. We Pay dividends 17. We Make an impact  18. We Make  you smile 19. We Repeat